About BLCU

About BLCU

The only University in China dedicated to Chinese language and culture international education.

If you want to Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL) in your country, China's prestigious Beijing Language and Cultural University invites you to advance your career in the world's first Online International Chinese Teacher Training Program (ICTP).

The ICTP provides comprehensive teaching expertise:

  • History of Chinese language development, Chinese, dialects, characters, phonetics, syntax, and grammar.
  • TCFL concepts and strategies including teaching theory and methodology, testing and evaluation.
  • Characteristics of the Chinese capability system and methods for speaking, writing, listening, and reading.
  • Survey and basic elements of TCFL classroom organization and management, classroom teaching strategy, classroom organization and management in U.S. and Europe, students' classroom behaviors and habits cultivation.
  • Application of modern education technologies in TCFL, including multimedia Chinese course design, online teaching system and frequently-used software usage, online teaching resource search and application.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), a key university directly under the National Ministry of Education, is the only university of its kind in China that offers Chinese language and culture courses to international students. Meanwhile, BLCU also takes Chinese students specializing in foreign languages and other relevant subjects of humanities and social sciences, and trains teachers of Chinese as a foreign language. Because of its very large amount of international students from various countries, its unique campus culture and its close academic Relations with worldwide academic institutions, BLCU is often called "Mini United Nations" in China.

World-Wide Alumni Community

In the area of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language (TCFL) and the promotion of Chinese culture, Beijing Language and Culture University has the longest history, the largest size and the well-qualified academic faculty. Since 1962 the university has trained some 220,000 foreign students who are proficient in the Chinese language and familiar with Chinese culture from 184 countries and regions. Many alumni have become celebrities in various fields of education, politics and business.

A Multidisciplinary and Multi-Level University

The university is currently comprised of the following teaching and research units: the Faculty of International Education of Chinese Language (including the School of Chinese Studies, the School of Advanced Chinese Training, the School of Intensive Chinese Studies, the School of Preparatory Education, the School of Mandarin Education, Center for International Communication of Chinese Culture), the Faculty of Foreign Languages (including the School of English Studies, the School of Translation and Interpreting, the School of Applied Foreign Languages, the School of Asian Languages and Cultures, the School of European Languages and Cultures, the School of Middle East Studies and the Academy of International and Regional Studies), the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (including the School of Chinese Education, the School of Humanities, the School of International Relations, the School of Journalism and Communication and the Beijing Literature Language and Cultural Heritage Research Base); the School of Information Science (Language Intelligence Research Institute), the Business School, the School of Marxism Studies, the College of Art, the School of Communication Science (including the Institute for Language & Pathology and Brain Sciences), the Department of Linguistics, the School of Psychology, the School of Continuing Education, the Online Education College, the Department of Physical Education, the International College; the Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education (Research Center for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages); the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences, the Chinese Culture Research Institute (Mei Lanfang Art Inheritance and Communication Center), the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Language Resources(National Language Service Corps of China), the Institute on Educational Policy and Evaluation of International Students, the Economic Research Institute, the International Communication Institute of Chinese Calligraphy, the Center for the Cognitive Science of Language, the International Exchange Center of Industrial Culture of BLCU (co-located with the Academy of International and Regional Studies), the Belt and Road Academy, Secretariat of the Asian Classics Translation and Publication Project (affiliated to the Belt and Road Academy), Lu Xun and World Culture Research Institute of Beijing Language and Culture University (affiliated to the Belt and Road Academy), the Overseas Chinese Education Research Institute (affiliated to Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education).

Comprehensive Cooperation With the World

BLCU has established cooperative relations with over 386 universities and educational institutions in 75 countries and regions worldwide and formed a productive international education pattern with comprehensive, multi-level and wide-ranging features. BLCU has built Harvard-Beijing Academy with Harvard University and set up the School of Bangkok in Thailand and the school of Tokyo in Japan. What’s more, BLCU conducts Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools with various forms. BLCU has also conducted joint-training undergraduate and graduate programs with over 10 foreign universities, such as Webster University and George Mason University in the U.S., Konstanz University of Applied Sciences in Germany and University of Manchester in Britain. BLCU has hosted 16 Confucius Institutes and has been named as an “advanced Chinese partner institution.”

The Best Press for TCFL Textbooks

Thousands of various teaching books published by the Beijing Language and Culture University Press are very influential both at home and abroad. Materials of TCFL published by BLCUP has been used by various institutions and training organizations in over 100 countries.

Distance Online TCFL Education

Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2000, BLCU became a pilot university to launch modern distance education. BLCU constructed its teaching platform, developed various TCFL multimedia courseware, use online blended teaching mode to provide Chinese language learning programs, Chinese language teacher education programs and Chinese culture program to learners all over the world. BLCU has been devoted to offering value-added, personalized and convenient learning service for all kinds of learners around the world.

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