– Stephen from US

The Beijing Language and Culture University Chinese teacher training program is the most professional online program I have participated in. The professors possess a high degree of professionalism with well-organized course content, clear and detailed narratives, and very methodically prepared course materials. Audio and video are amongst the highest quality as well. As a working student, such online courses are the best fit for me. All the videos have transcripts that can be viewed multiple times and with transcripts that are available for download. In terms of the exams, I like the way the students are able to receive immediate feedback after submission. I am also impressed by the professor’s teaching concepts, particularly the way they advocate a free-will environment during class. I found the lecturers excellent, sharing comprehensive and profound understanding in contemporary teaching methodology, all of which are encompassed in the professor’s teaching styles. It gives me hope for the future development of China.

– Andres from Ecuador

I was completely fascinated by the beauty of Chinese characters when I first experienced Chinese. Although Chinese is not an easy language to learn, I felt a huge passion for it and I progressed quickly. During my one-year study in China, I fell deeply in love with the Chinese language and its culture. My dream is to open my own Chinese school in my hometown one day to enable more people the opportunity to learn Chinese and understand contemporary China. I have a full time job and it makes it hard for me to study on campus. I was happy to find this 100% online Chinese teacher training program provided by Beijing Language and Culture University. I registered for the program without any hesitation. I am very grateful for this program since it gives me the chance to realize my own dream.

– Mo Hu from UK

I personally feel that this program is very reasonable in terms of time management. For most working students, it is really convenient that students are allowed to study at their own pace towards certification completion. Second, the practicality of the course contents are ideal, from basic theory to classroom teaching methods. For a novice, the course provides a good entry point and progression. For experienced teachers, this program would be a great opportunity for self-improvement and advancement.

– Rong Kruckner from US

The course Chinese Culture and Intercultural Communication taught by Professor Cheng has a very rich, interesting and well-structured content. It gave lots of knowledge to utilize during my future Chinese teaching career. Although I’m not a painter, I really like Chinese ink paintings and Western paintings. I often visit art museums but never compared or contrasted the paintings between east and west. Professor Cheng's detailed explanation on this topic gave me the perspective to compare and understand that the differences between Chinese and Western paintings are a result of the differences in cultures. With more cultural exchanges and developments between east and west, along with an increasing number of international marriages, cross-cultural communication should be brought into more of a spotlight. Cross-cultural conflict in real life is inevitable, just as Professor Cheng says, it requires more respect, understanding, tolerance and cross-cultural knowledge.

– Yinshi in Netherlands

I am a certified translator of the Dutch government. In my spare time I’d like to teach Chinese. In order to raise my degree of professionalism for this Chinese teacher position and not have to travel to China to study, I decided to join BLCU’s ICTP program. I found the course "modern educational technology and applications pf digital resources" really interesting and I’m also impressed by my professor’s slow-paced progressive form of course delivery. I probably have stayed in Europe too long and never realized that technology and the application of digital resources is so advanced in China. In addition, I am learning Chinese language teacher training courses not only for myself but also for my daughter who was born in Europe. I hope I can teach her more effectively after this program. I plan to send her to China to study for a couple of years.

– Lin Lin from China

I am a high school English teacher. When I was a college student majoring in Chinese, I bought "Introduction to TCFL" written by Professor Xun Liu. I did not expect that one day I would have the opportunity to listen to his lecture and in an online format. I was really excited! As I followed his lecture videos while reading his book, I noticed that Professor Liu added many supplementary materials in his videos. I learned a lot and at the same time felt really moved by Professor Liu’s sincerity and commitment to his profession. As a young teacher, I have admiration for other teachers, to teach and learn at the same time.

– Ting Huang from Greece

I am working on Chinese language teaching in Athens, Greece. I was really pleased to learn about the Chinese Teacher Training Program at Beijing Language and Culture University and to see Professor Xun Liu in the video. I’ve been using Professor Liu’s "New Practical Chinese Reader" for over a year. I love it! This textbook contains comprehensive, detailed and systematic explanations of the various aspects of the Chinese language. I strive to continue to learn, and hope that with Professor Liu's teachings, I’ll build a deeper understanding of the Chinese language.

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